Pastor Phinehas Kinuthia

Dr. Phinehas Kinuthia is the founder and lead pastor of Faith City Church. He is an acclaimed international speaker, an educator, mentor, change strategist, leader, entrepreneur, and author of “From Dreaming to Becoming” 10 Essential Steps for Living the Life of Your Dreams” and his most recent book Becoming the Best You- 9 Secrets for Stepping into Greatness. He has worked with thousands of people in over twenty-six countries, developing and training leaders and engaging local and international communities in social and humanitarian work. He has been highlighted for his heart and compassion towards others and his active efforts to empower others with trust, dignity, and improved quality of life. He is a humanitarian leader who embodies his message and is committed to helping people from all walks of life to realize their dreams and be all that God called them to be. He believes that there is treasure hidden in ordinary people only valuable when discovered. His philosophy is that we are all a divinely inspired masterpiece that authentically fits in the assignment we were created to accomplish here on earth. His purpose is to help you discover your assignment.