Knowing God intimately is the starting point of every life change.
Explore God’s new way of living that frees us from the bondage of sin
Experience the joy and fulfillment of living out God’s purpose for your life
Engage in making a difference in the world around you
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“You are a divinely inspired masterpiece that authentically fits in the assignment you were created to accomplish here on earth, our purpose is to help you discover that assignment”


Faith City Church

Is a diverse multicultural, non-denominational, Bible-based and Spirit-led Church. It is a place where individuals and families come to experience God as we lift up the name of Jesus. It’s a home for everyone regardless of where you are and what you have been through. We are passionate about helping everyone fulfill their God-given assignment in life... Read More

Life Groups Wednesday.

Life Groups Suggestions

Worship Every Sunday

Prayer 9.00AM
Worship 10:30AM